If you are named as an executor of the deceased' will, then you, along with others also named executors will be responsible for administering your estate and may need to apply for a grant of probate which is an official document issued by the Probate Registry and may be required by financial institutions to release funds which are technically "frozen" as of the date of death. Applying for the grant of probate is a task that we will be able to accept of your behalf.

The powers of executors stem from the date of death but if you do not make a Will the process is slightly more complicated. An application in some instances will be required for a Grant of Letters of Administration to your estate and the powers of Administrators do not stem from the date of death but only from the date that the Grant of Letters of Administration is issued. There may need to be an application to the court for Grant of Administration to be obtained to enable your estate to be distributed between your next of kin and/or nearest blood relatives who are the persons likely to be the Administrators appointed by the Court for this purpose.

If you wish to discuss any of the above or need further information in regards to other aspects of administration such as whether a Grant of representation (Grant of Probate, Grants of Letters of Administration) is required or the payment of inheritance tax then please contact us (see contact information at the bottom of the page).


If you wish to find out more about this service please contact our Practice Manager, Tracey Allsopp using the contact information listed at the bottom of the page and please take the following into account when considering how your will should be drafted:
Your assets - i.e. property, bank accounts, pensions etc.
Your beneficiaries - how you wish to divide your belongings amongst family and friends.
Guardians - those you wish to take care of your children should any of the children not have attained their majority as at the date of your death. Executors of your will - those whom you trust to carry out the process of administering your estate and disposing of your capital.
Other wishes - e.g. these may relate to your funeral, or to the special needs of beneficiaries who may be disabled and not able to make decisions for themselves.

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